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A Few Drops in the Bucket

February 06, 2019

Let me ask you a question: How many spreadsheets do you have on your desk? I bet there’s at least two or three. Most have a budget spreadsheet which shows how much money has been spent (which, of course, has the amount the budgeting software cost you listed). The second and third shows how much will be needed in the future for basic needs, lifestyle and the legacy you hope to leave. But, where’s the fourth spreadsheet? You know the one—the spreadsheet that counts all the emotions we feel while planning our future. It’s the same spreadsheet that ironically doesn’t fit on an actual spreadsheet.

The truth, is there’s very few things that spark so much emotion as retirement income strategies. It is, after all, called ‘personal finance’ for a reason. And when the market is as volatile as it is now there is a push and pull between what we feel and that aforementioned spreadsheet. That’s why at Nabell Winslow we’ve devised a three-pronged strategy to help you see through the emotional aspect of wealth management and into the psychology behind your retirement income plans.

And it starts with a few drops in the bucket.

At Nabell Winslow we call the first strategy (and we’ll get into the other strategies later), The Bucket Approach. Here’s how it works: Picture three metaphorical buckets earmarked for a time frame. The first “short term” bucket contains money for the first 1-5 years of your retirement. This is where your safe investments will be stored. The second, contains enough funds for 6-10 years. Treasuries and insurance contracts are here. And third, our largest bucket, contains enough funds to sustain for ten plus years. This is where equities and longer dated bonds depending on the rate environment will come into play.

The idea, is as investments in your long-term bucket mature we then pour the excess into your short term bucket and medium term bucket to replenish what has been spent.

At Nabell Winslow we want our clients to succeed. We want you to know where your money is coming from so you have peace of mind. Remember, retirement plans are not always about investing in stocks. It’s about getting from point A to B and then to Z all the while using low risk investments. And the bucket approach adds security for your short-term investing needs by getting you through to your long-term investing plan.

Within my twenty plus years of experience which include the ‘Lost Decade’, believe me, I’ve seen the market fluctuate. Would you believe I began my career at twenty-one years old? From that point, have I ever been emotional? Absolutely. Especially when I see my clients come in shaken to the core afraid of losing it all versus waiting for the appropriate time to restore their buckets. But there’s something else I’ve learned; keeping a bit of ice in your veins will help chill the emotions. And most significantly, the buckets can always be rebalanced.

 Scott A. Winslow, ChFC, CLU is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Nabell Winslow Investments, a financial advisory firm that helps accomplished entrepreneurs, professionals, retirees, and those with sudden wealth transition to a life of long-term financial independence through personalized and professional assistance. Contact Scott and his associates at (910) 239-9130 or, or visit

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