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Retirement Income Planning

Client Centered

Possibly the greatest fear for a retiree is running out of money. Between taxes, forced withdraws, market fluctuation, and unexpected expenses, there are many pitfalls to avoid when it comes to turning your retirement savings into consistent and reliable income. Our retirement income planning services help retirees and those approaching retirement plan for current and future income streams that they need to live the way they desire. By combining different strategies such as the bucket strategy, income flooring strategy, and systematic withdraws with tax mitigation, we are able to help clients create the income they need while minimizing unnecessary leakage. Our business is built on a  foundation of thoughtful client relationships.

Portfolio Management

Client Centered

We take a very individualized approach to creating custom portfolio solutions based on the unique needs of our clients and map the investment strategy back to the client’s tax return. We create efficient portfolios based on our client’s goals and corresponding risk tolerance, and then layer on our tax, tactical, and human overlays to enhance that portfolio for a client’s individual circumstances. The result is custom portfolio management tailored to our clients’ unique investment and tax goals.

Business Owner Planning

Business owners are extremely busy people – we know because we are business owners too. We help by organizing your business and personal investments in one place to make it easier to conduct your affairs and business.

Client Centered

Beyond organization and ease of conducting their affairs, business owners need special attention given to how their business assets and risks tie into their personal investment and retirement strategy. There are additional tools such as employer sponsored retirement plans (like a 401k) and unique tax strategies available to business owners that must be evaluated and integrated into their investment and retirement plans. Ultimately, business owners also have to plan an exit strategy for their retirement. Whether the business is passed down to family or bought by an outside party, this often consists of some sort of sales transaction that must be structured in a way that integrates with their personal retirement plan. Through our consultative approach, we are able to combine all of these aspects into a clear vision of what retirement can look like and the path to get there.

Legacy Planning

Client Centered

Many successful people are charitably inclined with their wealth while they are living and want to leave something behind for others once they are gone. Whether it is donating to your favorite charities while you are living, leaving money to family once you are gone, or creating a lasting legacy through endowments or private foundations, we are able to help construct charitable giving strategies that integrate with your retirement and tax strategies. There are many different tools, from donor advised funds to charitable remainder trusts and beyond, and determining which method best accomplishes your goals while making sure you have a sound retirement is the key to a successful gifting and legacy plan.

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